Social Scientist. v 7, no. 73-74 (Aug-Sept 1978) p. 33.

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Marxism and the Special Theory of Relativity

LIKE all the great theories of science in the twentieth century, Einstein's special theory of relativity has also suffered at the hands of bourgeois philosophers who have both limited the theory and made wrong extrapolations, injected it with idealist interpretations and used it to buttress their own philosophical positions. By interpreting relativity as an absolute relativism, and by extending it to the field 6f ethics, new foundations were sought to be given to that decadent view of morality which implies a relativism of men*s duties and rights. In its ^vorst form, the theory has been used to add strength to the anti-Soviet propaganda of the imperialists.

A curious book written by Arthur Koestler1 to justify the so called ^mra sensory perception theories begins with a chapter entitled ^Thc Perversity of Physic In a ehapter which covers nearly one third of ^the book the author sets forth wbt according to him are perverse facts in physics. Only On the solid foundation of the ^irrationality of science itself could K

The question of the direction of time comes up again and again.

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