Social Scientist. v 7, no. 76 (Nov 1978) p. 57.

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Industrialisation and the Left Movement:

On Several Questions of Strategy in West Bengal


THERE is widespread dissatisfaction at various levels about the quality and social relevance of scientific work conducted at teaching institutions and research laboratories in India. While a handful of brilliant scientists working in this country make a strong impact on the international scene, most do not. A very large number also leave the country many of whom again make significant contributions while staying abroad. Hence the basic reason for the current malaise cannot be the intellectual poverty of our scientific community. It has to be located cither in the environment in which our scientists work or in the professional goals pursued by them or in both. The schematic notes below attempt a very partial diagnosis and an equally partial way out of the impasse. There is no pretension about comprehensiveness.

Reorientation of Science and Technology

Science is one of those branches of knowledge which is universalist in character. A valid proposition in physics or chemistry has to be true irrespective of time and place; it remains so until it is superseded by a better or more general theory. Since most scientific advances today are taking place in a small number of countries in Europe and North America, talented scientists working in India and other Third World countries

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