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The crucial


I You can have all the gleaming machines in the world. You can have factory after beautiful fa>ctory sending out millions of products to an ever hungry market. But when all the sheets have been balanced, and the last paisa bas been accounted for there remains the one unchanging factor.

The crucial factor. Quality*

The quality behind the machines. The spirit that guides the hand. The total commitment that makes a man come to terms with anything except his own self. At Musco we do net just nxftke things. We create them. And in the smallest act ef creation is a part of ourselves.

Because we hold faith with man. Because in the final searing test, it is Uie pure i blue flame burning in toe crucible ef man's mind tk«t provides the crucial factor,

ISSSSSSS&i y^^^^s'ws^

IBSSSSSK Mahindra Ugine Steel Co.LtcL -

R«9<1 Office: Bakht«wr. Nanman (••(nt. •in>h>y 11 tit, '*'

Alloy Constructional Sfeto

Ball Bearing Steels

Boron Steels

Stainless Steais

Valve Steels

Creep Resisting Steei«

Carbon Cons

Spring Steels

rree Cutting 9M^

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