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; Are you attending an international convention abroad this year?Propose India as the venue for your next conventionAir-India will help you with all you need to sell the idea to your foreign counterparts.India has the facilities, the infrastruc- to meet fellow professionals from other \ ture... and a unique environment. You lands. To increase their own knowledge know this. Your foreign counterparts do and experience. Thereby enriching and not. Air-India will help you tell them. developing our nation still further. Enlighten them on all the facts and fact- Remember, Air-India has 95 offices ors. So that the delegates at your present abroad. And the close co-operation of convention abroad can see clearly why Government of India's Department of and how the venue you suggest in India Tourism as well. would be extremely suitable for your Send below to our spe-next convention. cialist unit. Air-India Congresses &The idea. The initiative, mem grnfartf^ Conventions, Marketing ftAnd now, the business-like -—iğw-"ğj"yi"ğ^ Sales Division, Air-Indiasupport. With thtH three . Cg^gBW" Building, 17th Floor, Nari-at your command, you MHU9ik man Point, Bombay 400 021. could be the driving force Cwenw^K^^ntiw The Unit will also have that brings India foreign WlWlV t^0 Air-India office nearest exchange. And gives many BBiSaiSi^aMB ^our P1^^"1 convention more Indians the chance A^A^vT^fe^Mwi venue ready to ^P fljrther*

You may rWPlI hp • Name:..--------.— —..-.—-Ğ.,....................,.

VW1A U^ 1the mail 1 Address:...--...-..-..—-—.-.^.-.-..-—..-—

India and | ——.-.--..———-....-Telephone:..-...--..-..

Indians, 1 Name of International Congress:.-.-..—--—.......

need. 1

• Venue abroad:-.--.-----.--.-.----..--... .-...-...-

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