Social Scientist. v 8, no. 86 (Sept 1979) p. 18.

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Towards Independence and Socialist Republic:

J^faujawan Bharat Sabha


THE Naujawan Bharat Sabha's popularity was at its zenith in March, 1931. Then presiding over its Karachi session Subhash Chandra Bose declared:

I want a socialist Republic of India. I want political freedom and complete economic emancipation. Every human being must have the right to work and right of living wage. There shall be no drones in our society and no unearned incomes. There must be equal opportunities for all. Above all, there should be a fair, just and equitable distribution of wealth. For this purpose it may be necessary for the state to take over the control of the means of production and distribution of wealth. And thirdly I want social equality for all. There should be no caste, no depressed classes. Every man will have the same rights and the same status in society. Further, there shall be no inequality between the sexes, either in social status or in the law, and women shall be, in every way, equal partners of men.1

Swami Govindanand, chairman of the reception committee, called upon the delegates to realize the ideal of "the establishment of a socialist government for the masses." He wanted India to give an Indian garb to Soviet socialism, and said, "Complete socialistic

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