Social Scientist. v 8, no. 94 (May 1980) p. 2.

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SANJAYA BARU is Fellow in the Department of Economics, University of Hyderabad.

HARIHAR BHAKTA is in the Post-Graduate Department of Economics, Rajendra College, Chapra.

KKDASGUPTA is with the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Econo-mics, Pune.

MRIDUL EAPEN is Research Associate, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum.

DIPANKAR GUPTA is Assistant Professor, Centre for Social Medicine, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

NICO KIELSTRA teaches at Centre for Anthropology and Sociology, University of Amsterdam.

Paper used for printing this number has been made available by the Government of India at a concessional rate.

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