Social Scientist. v 8, no. 94 (May 1980) p. Back material.

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plus Over 11,000 Cash Prizes

First Prize-Rs. 1,00,000

The Pcsgt Office Savings Bank (s the biggest and the oldest Savings Bank in the country Some 4 26 crore people have confidence in it Deposits exceed Rs 1 695 crore With a minimum balance of Rs 200 for six months, you can win a prize too in half yearly draws Over one lakh winners so far

Special Attractions

• Account can be opened with Rs 5 only

• 5 5% p a completely tax-free interest

• 1 29 000 Post Offices besides many Mobile Post Offices at your service Account transferable from one Post Office to another

• Deposit with the Post Office in your village and wtth-

• draw from the Head or Sub-Post Office «n the town, of vice-versa

• Withdrawals easy and at will

• Cheque facility at some 23000 Post Offices with no collection charges on ©utstation POSB cheques.

• Instant indentification through identity cards ® An account can be pledged as security ® Unrestricted nomination facility.

Open Your Accovsit today at any Post Office


•3/ POST BOY 96 Nagpur 440001

"davp 80/76^

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