Social Scientist. v 9, no. 97 (Aug 1980) p. 33.

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Touth Employment and Economic Development in China

PROVIDING jobs to the increasing population has been one of the important problems of most of the Third World countries. Before 1949, China was also equally plagued by this problem. After liberation, the Communist Party of China (CPC) coordinated its efforts to attain all-round economic development of^the country and provide employment to millions of its unemployed masses. Experience of the last 30 years has shown that China has been successful in providing basic necessities to its growing population, Getting an employment commensurate with one's capabilities is one of the fruits of economic development. Though it is difficult to say to what extent China has been successful in providing full and suitable employment to its growing population, it must be said that she has been successful in absorbing its people in diffc" rent sectors of the economy.

Integrating all strata of people in economic development has been one of the basic tenets of the CPC's development strategy. The continuation of the United Front assured the support of all classes of society for economic development. To ensure involvement of all sections and classes of population, different organizations like the Communist Youth League, All China Women's Federation and trade unions have been established under the

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