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Table of Contents for the Social Scientist. v. 17, no. 194-95.
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Front cover p. Front cover
Verso p. Verso
Editorial p. 1
Building Block by Building Block: A Tribute to Muzaffar Ahmad p. 3
Reflections on Economic Reform in Hungary p. 8
Perestroika and the Third World: The Changing Status of the Concept of 'Neocolonialism' p. 28
Industrial Organisation in the GDR and Future Possibilities p. 37
Perestroika: Reflections on the Theory of Power p. 50
The Politics of Perestroika: Comments on Kaviraj's Paper p. 59
Fertility Trends and Population Policies and Programmes in Socialist Europe p. 66
Book Revews p. 88
Back material p. Back material

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