Digital Dictionaries of South Asia A grammar, phrase book and vocabulary of Baluchi : (as spoken in the Sultanate of Oman)
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The following abbreviations are used in the vocabulary:
(a) Adjective
(adv) Adverb
(c) Conjunction
(d) Demonstrative Adjective
(i) Interjection
(n) Noun
(part) Particle
(post) Postposition
(prep) Preposition
(pro) Pronoun
(v) Verb

The verbal noun and past root are shown for each verb (for example: "rawag, shut - to go"). The past roots of complex verbs are not given (for example: "koshish kanag - to try"), and will be found by referring to the auxiliary verb (in the example just given this will be "kanag, kut - to do").

The pronunciation of some sounds varies, and below are listed some letters whose sounds may be confused. The alternative should be checked if a word is not found in the vocabulary.

"h" is often omitted, and if a word beginning with a vowel is not found the word should be checked under "h".

"i" can be heard as a short "e".

"kh" can be heard as "k".

"p" can be heard as "f" or vice versa.

"r" [should have a dot below] can be heard as "d" [should have a dot below].

"u" can be heard as "o".

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