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The contributors to this dictionary are Rahmat Karim Baig and Maula Nigah, both figures prominent in educational, cultural and literary circles in Chitral. Both belong to village Zondrangram, Tehsil Mulkhow, District Chitral. The Khowar of this more remote part of Chitral is considered a conservative variety, as opposed to that of the town of proper Chitral, which has assimilated more varying influences.

Maula Nigah holds a B.Ed. and a M.A. (Urdu), both from Peshawar University. Since 1968 he has served in the NWFP Education Department, and is currently Headmaster, Government High School, Zondrangram, Tehsil Mulkhow, District Chitral. He is a highly regarded poet in Khowar; who has also composed poetry in Urdu and Persian, and participates regularly in the activities of the Anjuman-e-Taraqqi Khowar, Chitral. Additionally, he is involved in social welfare activities including being a regular member of the Terichmir Council for Social Welfare, Terich. More recently he has been active in promoting both government and local efforts toward preservation of wildlife and the environment. He has the following publications:

2004. Muhammad (Bābā) Sayyar, Dewān Bābā Sayyar: šarah wa tarjama az Maula Nigāh. (The Divan of Baba Sayyar, translation and commentary by Maula Nigah). Islamabad: National Language Institute.

1990. Khowar Music: Its Traditions and Folk Instruments. In: Proceedings of the Second International Hindukush Cultural Conference. Islamabad: Oxford University Press.

1989. Paper on Khow Culture presented at Seminar on Khowar Culture, Chitral, 1989.

In addition, he is the writer of numerous unpublished articles and poems.

Rahmat Karim Baig holds a M.A. (History) and a M.A. (English), both from Peshawar University. He has taught for more than twenty-five years as Lecturer and then as Professor of English at Government Degree College, Chitral and Government Degree College, Booni. He is active in social and cultural activities, having served as Member of the Terichmir Social Welfare Council sponsored by the Social Welfare Office, Chitral, and as a field investigator in the Pak-German Culture Area Karakoram (CAK) Project in Ghizer District in their project on human geography. In 1988, he worked as field investigator on irrigation and water rationing systems of Khot Village, Tehsil Torkhow, Kosht Village, Tehsil Mulkhow, and Singur Village, Tehsil Chitral. In addition he has worked over the years as a free-lance tourist guide. He has published the following works:

1990. Defence System of the Ex-State of Chitral. In: Proceedings of the Second International Hindukush Cultural Conference. eds. Elena Bashir and Israduddin. 1995. Islamabad: Oxford University Press.

1995. The Role of Prince Sher Afzal Khan in the History of Chitral. Paper presented at the Third International Hindukush Cultural Conference, 26-30 August 1995. To appear in Proceedings of the Third International Hindukush Cultural Conference.

1994. Hindu Kush Study Series, Volume 1. Peshawar: published by author, printed at Rahmat Printing Press.

1996. Chitral: Tour Guide Book. published by the author.

n.d. The Kalash of Chitral: Yesterday and today. published by the author.

1997. Hindu Kush Study Series, Volume 2. Chitral: published by the author. Printed at Rehmat Printing Press.

1995. Environmental Problems in the Hindu Kush Region. In: Souvenir Booklet from the Third International Hindukush Cultural Conference. Chitral: Anjuman-e-Taraqqi Khowar, Chitral.

In addition, he has an important unpublished manuscript:

1989. The Administrative System of the Mehtars of Chitral.

Work on the development and web presentation of this 1000-word sample dictionary was funded as a pilot project by the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning under a grant titled "Digital Dictionaries for Less Commonly Taught Languages of Pakistan". James Nye, overall Project Director of the Digital Dictionaries of South Asia, has also served as Project Director for this sub-project of that larger effort. Elena Bashir acted as Co-Director for the project and carried out the field work, recording, and editing for the Khowar component of the project. The sound recordings were made at the studio of Radio Pakistan, Chitral, with the cooperation and facilitation of the Station Director Ghulam Muhammad and Producer Farid Ahmad, to whom the participants in this effort extend their gratitude. The equipment used was a TASCAM DA-P1 digital audio tape recorder purchased with Consortium funding for this project, and maintained with the help of the American Institute of Pakistan Studies. Editing of the sound files and computer programming work were carried out at the University of Chicago under the supervision of James Nye.

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