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Oudh Punch. A selection from the illustrations which have appeared in the Oudh Punch from 1877 to 1881. Lucknow: Oudh Punch Office, 1881.
Cover p. cover
Title Page p. title page
Dedication p. dedication
Table of Contents p. table of contents
Introduction p. i
Plate I p. 1
Plate II p. 3
Plate III p. 5
Plate IV p. 8
Plate V p. 10
Plate VI p. 12
Plate VII p. 13
Plate VIII p. 15
Plate IX p. 17
Plate X p. 19
Plate XI p. 21
Plate XII p. 22
Plate XIII p. 24
Plate XIV p. 26
Plate XV p. 27
Plate XVI p. 32
Plate XVII p. 34
Plate XVIII p. 37
Plate XIX p. 39
Postface p. 40
Plate XX p. 46

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