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Dimock, Edward C.. Introduction to Bengali : a basic course in spoken Bengali, with emphasis upon speaking and understanding the language Honolulu: East-West Center Press 1964.
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Half Title page p. i
Title Page p. iii
Title Page Verso p. iv
Preface p. v
Contents p. vii
Part I. Introduction to Bengali Orthography p. ix
Part I. Phonology p. 1
Lesson I p. 55
Lesson II p. 71
Lesson III p. 89
Review I p. 105
Lesson IV p. 111
Lesson V p. 130
Lesson VI p. 144
Review II p. 160
Lesson VII p. 169
Lesson VIII p. 185
Lesson IX p. 198
Lesson X p. 213
Lesson XI p. 228
Lesson XII p. 240
Lesson XIII p. 256
Lesson XIV p. 266
Lesson XV p. 279
Lesson XVI p. 290
Lesson XVII p. 303
Lesson XVIII p. 313
Lesson XIX p. 329
Lesson XX p. 342
Lesson XXI p. 353
Lesson XXII p. 367

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