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Venugopalan, K.. A primer in Grantha characters St. Peter, Minn: James H. Nye 1983.
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Cover p. Cover
Title Page p. Title page
Verso p. Verso
Preface p. iii
Table of Contents p. v
Vowels & Consonants p. 1
Consonant-Vowel Combinations p. 2
Conjunct Consonants p. 4
Semivowel r p. 6
Semivowel y p. 7
Consonants t and n / Consonant m and anusvara p. 8
Easily Confused Characters p. 9
Words without Conjuncts p. 10
Words with Conjuncts p. 12
Selections from the Bhagavadgita p. 13
Brahmasutra Sankarabhasyarambhah p. 14

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