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Hill, Edward C.. A primer in Telugu characters New Delhi: Manohar Publications 1991.
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Editor's introduction p. editor's introduction
Preface p. preface
Vowels & Consonants p. 1
Vowel signs & Consonant-vowel combinations p. 2
Variants of consonant-vowel combinations p. 4
Conjunct consonants p. 6
Variants of conjunct consonants for k, m, and r p. 7
Examples containing conjunct consonants p. 8
Varinats of conjunct consonants for y, p, and v p. 9
Anusvara p. 10
Numerals & Easily confused pairs p. 11
Words without conjuncts p. 12
Words with conjuncts p. 14
Selections from the Bhagavadgita p. 16
Brahmasutrasankarabhasyarambhah p. 18
Related Manohar titles p. back cover

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