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Reddy, Golla Narayanaswami and Dan M Matson. Graded readings in modern literary Telugu Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin 1967.
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Front cover p. Front cover
Title page p. Title page
Verso p. Verso
Table of contents p. v
Story 1 by Sonthi Krishnamurti p. 1
Story 2 by Dr. Adapa Ramarkrishna Rao p. 6
Story 3 by Kommuri Venugopala Rao p. 14
Story 4 by Potukuci Sambasiva Rao p. 22
Story 5, by Mrs. Malati Chendur p. 35
Story 6 by Kodavatiganti Kutumba Rao p. 43
Story 7 by Isukapalli Lakshminarasimha Sastry p. 56
Story 8 by Gudipati Venkatachalam p. 65
Story 9 by Tripuraneni Gopichand p. 73
Story 10 by Munimanikyam Narsimha Rao p. 88
Story 11 by Potukuci Sambasiva Rao p. 105
Story 12 by V.R. Narla p. 117
Story 13 by Sivaraju Venkata Subba Rao p. 130
Story 14 by Dhanikonda Hanumanta Rao p. 162
Story 15 by P.V Rajamannar p. 176
Story 16 by Palagummi Padmaraju p. 195

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