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Looking up a word (basic searching)
To look up a word or term, type it in the box and click the Search button. All searches are case insensitive. A search for Oriya will bring back the same results as a search for oriya.
Boolean searching
The Boolean operators 'and' and 'or' are supported for searching in the database of images. Currently the operator 'not' is not supported. Boolean searching allows for combinations of words to be searched throughout individual entries. Boolean searching does not span across entries. For instance, to find entries that include both of the words Vishnu and Visnu, the following should be entered into the "Quick search" box: Vishnu AND Visnu. To find entries that have one word or another, say Delhi or Varanasi, the following should be entered into the Quick Search box or Location box: Delhi OR Varanasi.
Boolean searches work for all of the search boxes (location, subjects, affiliation, identification numbers, and date).
Field definitions
The Quick Search will search through all fields, including fields that are not searchable alone. For instance, description and view can be searched in the Quick Search box.
A Location search will cover all elements of the location -- site, city, state, and country. For example, "Bodhgaya, Gaya, Bihar, India" is present in location fields describing the Bodhgaya site.
Identification Numbers searches for AIIS accession numbers and negative numbers.
Date searches may be used to identify images by specific century or a range of centuries. For instance, one may search for "4th-7th century AD".
The total number of records from the search is given at the top of the page, for example, "406 record(s) found." The number of "Results per page" displayed may be set on the main search page.
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