This presentation of Gramophone Recordings from the Linguistic Survey of India consists of digitized recordings originally collected in South Asia during a period from 1913 until 1929. Intended as a supplement to Sir George A. Grierson's Linguistic Survey of India published between 1904 and 1927, the recordings of stories, songs and poems were collected by provincial and presidential governments of British-ruled India in cooperation with Grierson and the Gramophone Company, Calcutta.

The recordings can be found in two ways. First, there is guided browsing of the recordings. In the main navigation on the left, the recordings are divided among the language families that correspond to the volumes in Grierson's Linguistic Survey of India. From the choice of a language family, a user will be directed to the languages within that family and the available recordings. Recordings from Burma were also collected and have been added to the navigation. In addition, below the language families of the main navigation, a reader may choose to browse the recordings either according to the provinces where they were produced or the years when they were recorded. Second, there is a key word search that draws from the descriptions of the recordings.

In addition to the mp3 file of the original recording and a description of the speaker, including his place of origin when known, a transcript of the recording is presented. At present only contemporary transcripts published by the provincial governments for the recordings are available. Additional transcripts will be added as they are created. Both context maps and historical maps are presented in order to describe the geographical aspect of the recordings.