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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 1, p. v.

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THE first edition of The Imzperial Gazetteer of Inldia was
published in nine volumes in i88i. A second edition,
augmented to fourteen volumes, was issued in the years
1885-7. A revised form of the article on India, greatly
enlarged and with statistics brought up to date, appeared as
an independent volume in I893, under the title of' The Indian
Empire: Its Peoples, History, and Products.' All of these
were edited by the late Sir William Wilson Hunter, K.C.S.I.,
who formed the original plan of the work as far back as I869,
when he was first entrusted with the duty of organizing a
statistical survey of the country, and who wrote most of ' The
Indian Empire' in its final form with his own hand. His
untimely death in I9oo has deprived the present edition of
the advantages of his ripe experience and literary skill.
The second edition having for some time passed out of
print, it was resolved by the Government of India that a new
edition should be prepared in connexion with the Census of
I9go. The changes, however, that have been introduced,
both in the general scheme and in the methods of compila-
tion, may justify its being considered as a new work rather
than a new edition. The bulk will be raised from fourteen to
twenty-six volumes, including a companion Atlas; and the
single volume of 'The Indian Empire' has been expanded
into four volumes, entitled respectively 'Descriptive,' 'His-
torical,' ' Economic,' and 'Administrative.' Moreover, while
the main work will be arranged as before in alphabetical
order, it is intended to issue in India, for official and local use,
a parallel series in which the several articles relating to each
Province or large group of States will be collected together in

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