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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 1, p. 446.

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General Anthorities.-Census Reports. India, Baines, I891, Risley, 90oI;
Bengal, O'Donnell, I891, Gait, 1goI; United Provinces, Baillie, I891,
Burn, 19oi; Punjab, Ibbetson, I881, Maclagan, 189I, Rose, I9ol; Bombay,
Baines, i88I, Enthovenr Igor; Madras, Francis, I90o; Assam, Allen, 90oi;
Central Provinces, Russell, 190o; Burma, Lowis, 19oI; Barth, Religions
of India.
Hinduism.-Dubois, Hindu Manners, Customs, and Ceremonies; Guru
Prosad Sen, Introduaction to the Study of Hinduism ; Hopkins, Religions of
India; Lyall, Asiatic Studies; Macdonell, History of Sanskrit Literature;
Monier-Williams, Brahmanism and HinJuisnm; Ward, The Hindoos;
Weber, History of Sanskrit Literature.
Vedic Period.-Bloomfield, Atharva-veda, S. B. E.; Macdonell, Sanskrit
Literature; Max Miiller and Oldenberg, Vedic Hymns, S. B. E.; Muir,
Original Sanskrit Texts.
Brihmana Period.-Biihler, Sacred Laws of the Aryas; Eggeling,
Satapatha Brahmana; Jolly, Institutes of Vishnu; Max MUller, The
Uipanishads; Oldenberg, Grihya Slras; all in S. B. E.
Buddhism.-Fielding, Soul of a People; Hodgson, Essays on Language,
Literature, and Religion of Aepal and Tibet; Kern, Alanual of Indian
Buddhism, in Bdhler's Encyclopaedia; Rhys Davids, Manual of Buddhism,
Buddhist India, Origin and Growth of Religion as illustrated by Indian
Buddhism; Scott, Gazetteer af Upper Burma; Smith, Asoka, the Buddhist
Emperor of India; Waddell, Buddhism of Tibet.
Jainism.-Hoemle, AnnualAddress, A.S. B. 1898; Jacobi, Gaina Sutras,
S. B. E.; Weber, Literature of the Jains, in Indian Antiquary, I889, I890,
Hindu Sectarianism.-Growse, Mathura; Jogendra Nath Bhattacharya,
Hindu Castes and Sects; Wilson, Vishnu Purina, Religious Sects of the
Hindus; Lillingston, The Brahmo Samaj and Arya Samaj.
Epic Period.-Mahabhdrata, tr. Kesari Mohun Ganguli; Rdmayana,
tr. Griffiths.
Lingiyats.-Bombay Gazetteer, i, pt. ii.
Erotic Hinduism.--listory of the Sect of the Mahadrjas.
Sikhism.-Cunningham, History of the Sikhs; Trumpp, Adi Granth.
Animism.-Crooke, Popular Religion, Tribes and Castes of N.-W. P.;
Dalton, Ethnology of Bengal; Hislop, Aboriginal Tribes of Central Pro-
vinces; Risley, Tribes and Castes of Bengal; Campbell, Notes on the
Spirit Basis of Belief and Custom.
Islim.-Hughes, Dictionary of Islam; Macdonald, Development of
Muslim Theology; Arnold, The Preaching of Islam.
Sects of Islam.-Greeven, Heroes Five; Hunter, Indian Musalmeins.
Cbristianity.-Hunter, Indian Empire; Rae, The Syrian Church.

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