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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 2, p. iv.

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arrangement, a certain amount of repetition,. and possibly
a few inconsistencies of statement. It has been thought
better to admit such apparent defects than to attempt
a strict uniformity, which would only produce results in-
adequate and misleading. In particular, the editor has
not felt it his duty to demand that the contributors
should all follow a conventional spelling of Indian names
and words.
The names of the authors are appended to their several
chapters, but it may be desirable to enumerate them here:-
Chapter I, ' Epigraphy,' has been written by Dr. J. F.
Fleet, C.I.E., late I.C.S., and sometime Epigraphist to
the Government of India; Chapters II, III, IV, and VII,
'Prehistoric Antiquities,' 'Archaeology of :Historical Period,'
'Numismatics,' and 'Early History of Northern India,'
by .Mr. Vincent A. Smith, late I.C.S., author of The Early
History of India; Chapter V, 'Architecture,' by Dr. James
Burgess, C.I.E., formerly Director-General of the Archaeo-
logical Survey of India.; Chapter VI,' Sanskrit Literature,'
by Dr. A. A. Macdonell, Boden Professor of Sanskrit at
Oxford; Chapter VIII, ' Mediaeval History of Northern
India,' by Mr. James Kennedy, late I.C.S.; Chapter IX,
'Hindu Period of Southern India,' by Mr. Robert Sewell,
late I.C.S.; Chapter X, ' Muhammadan India,' by Mr. Wil-
liam Irvine, late I.C.S.; and Chapter XI, 'Vernacular Litera-
ture,' by Dr. G. A. Grierson, C.I.E., late I.C.S., Superin-
tendent of the Linguistic Survey of India.
The sketch of the MIarathas in Chapter XII is due to
the editor; while Sir W. W. Hunter's story of the early
European Settlements and of British rule, forming the
basis of Chapters XIII and XIV, has been revised and
brought up to date, without altering the personal impress
of the original, by Mr. P. E. Roberts, who acted as assistant
to Sir W. W. Hunter during the closing years of his life.

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