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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 2, p. 302.

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Maurya.--The history of Asoka has been discussed in the writer's Asoka,
the Buddhist Emperor of India (Oxford, Clarendon Press, I9go), which
book gives numerous references. For Chandragupta's reign the historical
tradition in the .Aludrcrakshasa play has been utilized.
Andhra, &c.-The Andhra, Sunga, and KAnva dynasties are discussed
in Prof. Bhandarkar's Early History of tihe Dekkan, and the writer's paper
entitled ' Andhra History and Coinage' (Z. D. 3M. G., 1902-3).
Indo-Greek and Indo-Parthian.--Numismatic works (see references
at end of chapter on Numism-ltics) are the principal authorities for the
Indo-Greek and Indo-Parthian history.
PurAnas.-The Pur5nas are cited from Hall's edition of Wilson's Vishnuz
.Ptrana, and from Duff's Indian Chronology.
KushAn.-The Indo-Scythian or Kushin period has been the subject of
much controversy. The view taken in the text is that advocated by the
writer in his article entitled ' The Kushan or Indo-Scythian Period of Indian
History, B.C. I65 to A.D. 320' (. E. A. S., I903).
Gupta.-The authorities for the Gupta period are chiefly Fleet's Gzupta
Inscriptions, and various numismatic treatises (see chapter on Numismatics)
Dr. Stein's monumental work, the translation of Kalhana's Idjaztarangin7,
has been consulted. The best translation of Fa-hien's Travels is Dr.
Legge's, but the other versions by Beal, Giles, and Rdmusat (Laidlay in
English) have been compared. The chronology is in accordance with the
writer's essay entitled ' Revised Chronology of the Early or Imperial Gupta
Dynasty' vInd. Ant., June, 1902'.
Harsha.-In addition to inscriptions, the principal materials for the reign
of Harslia are Bana, Harsa-Carita, transl. Thomas and Cowell; Hiuen
Tsiang, Records of Western Countries, and Life, transl. Beal, Watters, and
Julien; Tiranath, Geschichte des Buddhismus in Indien, transl. Schiefner;
and Sylvain Levi, Les Missions de Wang-fHiuien-Tse dans l'Inde, Paris,
I9oo (and inJ. A.). See also Ettinghausen, larsa Vardhana, Empereur
et PcOte (Londres, Paris, Louvain, 9o06).
The author's separate work, T;/e Ear,> His/fony of Intdia, front B.c. 600
to the lrzihalNzimadauz Conquest (Oxford, 190o4), deals more fully with all
the topics treated in this chapter.
Two important works on local history have lately appeared, namely,
Gait, A History of Assain (Calcutta, I9o6), and Sylvain Ldvi, Le JNpal
(Paris, 3 volumes, of which two have been published).

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