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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 3, p. Preface.

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IN this volume, being the Economic volume of 'The
Indian Empire,' chapter i, on Agriculture, is based on
materials supplied by Mr. J. W. Mollison, Inspector-
General of Agriculture; chapter ii, on Forests, was written
by Mr. S. Eardley-Wilmot, Inspector-General of Forests;
chapter iii, on Mines and Minerals, by Mr. T. H. Holland,
F.R.S., Director of the Geological Survey; chapter iv,
on Arts and Manufactures, is based on materials supplied
by Sir George Watt, C.I.E., late Reporter on Economic
Products; chapter v, on Commerce and Trade, is based on
materials supplied by Mr. J. E. O'Conor, C.I.E., late
Director-General of Statistics; chapter vi, on Irrigation
and Navigation, was written by Sir Thomas Higham,
K.C.I.E., late Inspector-General of Irrigation; in chapter
vii, 'Railways' was written by Mr. N. G. Priestley,
Secretary to the Railway Board, and 'Roads' by the late
F. B. Hebbert; chapter viii, on Posts and Telegraphs, was
written by Mr. H. M. Kisch, C.S.I., with assistance from
Mr. F. G. Maclean, C.I.E., and Sir Sidney Hutchinson,
successive Directors-General of Telegraphs; in chapter ix,
'Rents' was written by Mr. E. D. Maclagan, and 'Wages
and Prices' by Mr. J. A. Robertson ; chapter x, on Famine,
by Mr. S. H. Butler, C.I.E.

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