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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 3, p. ix.

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Agriculture I-IoI
Forests . 102-I 27
Mines and Minerals 128-I67
Arts and Manufactures i68-256
Commerce and Trade 257-3 5
Irrigation and Navigation 3. . 6-364
Railways and Roads 365-417
Posts and Telegraphs 418-446
Rents, Prices, and Wages 447-474
Famine . 475-502
Index 503-520
1. Agricultural Population, Climate, and Soils
Proportion of the population engaged in agriculture .
The rural population nearly entirely agricultural 2
Increase of landless labourers 2
Land available in sparsely populated tracts 2
Proportion of cropped area, cultivable waste, and forests 3
Meteorological conditions affecting agriculture 3
Two harvests - the kharif and the rabi 3
The monsoons 4
Winter and hot-weather rains .5
Areas of heavy and light rainfall 5
Areas immune from, or specially subject to, famine 5
General efficiency of the peasant as cultivator 6
The peasant's assiduity 7
Soils 8
Alluvial tracts 8
The trap soils g
Black cotton soil 9
Crops of the Deccan trap area .
Soils of the crystalline tract Io

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