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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 3, p. 423.

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In 1903-4 the average amount of an inland money order
was Rs. 17-I3-rI.
Foreign money orders drawn upon, or received from, the Foreign
United Kingdom, and also most British colonies and foreign money
orders and
countries, are expressed in sterling; but there are a few foreign British
countries and British possessions to and from which money postal
orders are advised in Indian currency.
The following table shows the number and amount of foreign
money-order transactions for the years I88o-I, I89o-I,
I900-I, and 1903-4 :-
YEAR. Amount Amount
Number iin Indian Numberin Indian
curecy currency
(in lakhs). (in lakhs).
188o-I . 19,281 11 4,o28 2
189o- . 54,407 27 54.036 40
900oo- 97,202 46 252,573 1,29
1903-4 1 I33,119 6i 2S5,995 I,66
The sale of British postal orders for small sums was intro-
duced in 1884. These orders are payable in the United King-
dom and at certain British post offices in foreign countries.
The number sold in I890-I was 39,683, of the total value of
27,76I. By I903-4 the number had risen to I41,429 and
the value to ;90,730.
The Post Office provides, for the use of the public, postage Postage
stamps of various denominations (fourteen in I904), embossed stamps,
envelopes, postcards, and newspaper wrappers. Such of the
stamps, &c., as are required for official purposes are over-
printed 'On H. M. S.' (On His Majesty's Service). There is
also a special t anna service postcard which is prepare
in India. With this exception, all stamps, embossed en-
velopes, postcards, and wrappers are obtained from England
under contract.
The colour and design of the postage stamps have under-
gone various changes from time to time, the most important
being that made in i9oo-I, when India adopted the colours
-green, red, and blue-recommended by the Universal
Postal Union for the stamps representing the three standard
Union rates of 5 centimes, io centimes, and 25 centimes,

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