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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 4, p. Preface.

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IN this volume, being the Administrative volume of
'The Indian Empire,' chapters i, ii, vi, viii, ix, and xvi are
based on materials supplied by Mr. R. Nathan, C.I.E.;
chapters iii and iv were written by Sir William Lec-
Warner, K.C.S.I.; chapter v was written by Mr. H. W. C..
Carnduff, C.I.E.; chapter vii by Mr. E. D. Maclagan ;
chapter x is based on materials supplied by Mr. G. H. D.
Walker, C.I.E.; chapter xi on materials supplied by Lieut.-
General Sir Edwin Collen, G.C.I.E.; chapters xii, xiii,
and xiv were written by Mr. Nathan; chapter xv was
written by Major W. J. Bythell, R.E., and the appendix
on Marine Surveys by Captain T. IH. Heming, R.N.
(retired), with assistance from Colonel A. W. Alcock,

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