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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 4, p. 527.

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Accountant (patwari, karnam, kdrkun,
or kulkarni), of a village, his functions,
53, 281; his remuneration, 273; pat-
warri maps, 503.
Accountants- General, subordinate to
Comptroller and Auditor-General, 26.
Addlat=Court: dwadni, or civil courts
of first instance, 144; niszamat addlats,
criminal courts of first instance, I44;
Sadr, courts of appeal, civil and crimi-
nal, 144, instituted (r772) by Warren
Hastings to administer equity and
native law, 144; antagonism between
them and new Supreme Court of 1773,
145, removed by Declaratory Act of
1781, 145.
Additional members of legislative coun-
cils, 130, 131.
Aden, its occupation, capture, and annexa-
tion, 107, io8; relations with adjoining
tribes, 1o8; claim of Turkey disailowed,
IoS; delimitation (1903-4) oi Pro-
tectorate, o18.
Administrative divisions, ch. ii, pp. 46-
57. A list of major Provinces, 46;
Regulation and non-Regulation Pro-
vinces, 46, 47; departments in Regu-
lation Provinces, 47; territorial sub-
divisions, 48 - 54; Divisions, 49;
Districts, 48; the Collector-Magistrate,
history of his office, 49, his duties as
Collector, 49, 50, as Magistrate, 50,
his multifarious other duties, 50-
52; other District officials, 52; snb-
divisions, tahsils, and villages, 52-
54; judicial administration, 54; non-
Regulation Provinces, ;4-6 ; minor
Provinces, 56, 57.
Advocates of the High Courts, I5;.
Advocates-General, 157.
Afghan invasions of India in 1757, 70;
overthrow of Maratha Confederacy
at Panipat (1761) by Ahmad Shah
Durrani, 70.
Afghnistan: relations of, with Persia,
and of both with British Government,
113-15 ; renunciation by Shiah of
claims to sovereignty over, 115;
delimitation of Perso-Afghan frontiers
(1872-1903', 115, I17; existing re-

lations of, with Persia, Russia, and
Great Britain, II6, 117; Durand
agreements (I893) with Amir, 116,
117; agreements with Russia, 116,
117; delimitation of Russo-Afghan
frontier, 117; Pamir Joint Commission,
I17 ; Shah Shuja and Dost Muhammad,
114, 15 ; its standing army, 376.
Agriculture and Veterinary Surgery,
colleges for instruction in, 440; a
great central agricultural college for
all India at Pusa, 440.
Agriculture, department of Revenue and
Agriculture, 24, 25.
Agricultural Banks, and loans to cultiva-
tors, 523.
Ain-i-Akbart, or Institutes of Akbar, 3,
4; the work of his minister and friend,
Abul Fazl, 3; quoted, on inland revenue,
215; on the qualities and duties of a
kotwal, 283, 284; contains details of
geographical survey, 481.
Ajmer-Merwara, 21, 30, 56, 57.
Akbar the Great, 3, 69; his wide rule,
3, 69; the splendour of his court, 3;
his religious toleration, 4; his just and
capable administration, 4, 69; his
officers of revenue and law, 4, 5;
their multifarious duties and resem-
blance to modern Magistrates and
Collectors, 4, 5; the end of his policy
unity through dominion rather than
through suzerainty, 69; his wars and
conquests, 69; the debt of British
administration to Akbar, 68; his re-
forms of land revenue, 4, 5, 206;
substitution of cash for grain payment,
206, decennial for annual revision,
206 ; cash assessments one-fourth of
gross produce, 215; his mitigation of
the penal code, 397; his geographical
survey, 481 ; his improvements in
theory and practice of coinage, 514.
Alcock, Major, report on marine zoology,
Aligarh College, 429.
Amalfguzdr, or principal revenue collector
under Akbar, 4; resemblance of his
duties to those of Magistrate and
Collector of a British District, 4.
Andamimn and Nicobar Islands, 23, 30,

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