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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 5, p. iii.

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As stated in the Preface to Volume I, the alphabetical
articles that make up the body of the Gazctteer (beginning
with the present volume) have been written for the most
part by officials who had already acquired local experience
as Census Superintendents of their Provinces or States in I9OI,
and who now became Gazetteer Superintendents. In some
cases, when they happened to be called away to fresh duties,
their work was continued by others. In a few cases, as in
that of Kashmir, the task was entrusted to special writers.
A list of all of them, arranged under Provinces or States, is
appended on the next page. As in previous editions of the
Gazetteer, the minor articles are based on materials collected
by District officers and officials of Native States, supplemented
by contributions from experts. Special mention must be
made of the assistance given generally by Lieut.-Colonel Prain
for Botany, by Mr. S. Eardley-Wilmot for Forests, and by
Mr. T. H. Holland and other officers of the Geological Survey.
More detailed acknowledgements will be found in the prefaces
to the several volumes of the Provincial Gazettccrs, which
have been compiled for use in India.
In addition to the folding map of India, which is prefixed to
every volume, maps of each Province and of the larger States
or groups of States, and also plans of the three Presidency
cities, will be found inserted in the text where the correspond-
ing article occurs. These maps and plans are reproduced from
the companion Atlas volume, specially prepared by Mr. J. G.
Bartholomew, of Edinburgh, in accordance with instructions
from the editors of the Gazetteer.

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