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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 5, p. 242.

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700 38' and 71 5' E., with an area of I,355 square miles. The popu-
lation in 19o0 was 57,517, compared with 54,950 in I891. It contains
the town of ALLAHABAD (population, 2,868), the head-quarters, and the
two other municipalities of Khan Bela and Jaunpur; and 65 villages.
It is traversed by the Hakra, south of which lies the desert. The
portion of the tahsil which lies in the lowlands along the river is the
most fertile, and also the most unhealthy, in the State. Between this
and the Hakra lie the central uplands. The land revenue and cesses
amounted in I905-6 to 2 lakhs.
Allahabad Town.-Head-quarters of the tahsil of the same name
in Bahawalpur State, Punjab, situated in 28 57' N. and 70 53' E.,
56 miles south-west of Bahawalpur town. Population (I901), 2,868.
It was founded about I730 by Nawab Sadik Muhammad Khan I of
Bahawalpur. The town contains a rice-husking mill and has a large
trade in rice and dates. It is administered as a municipality, with an
income in 1903-4 of Rs. 3,IOO, chiefly from octroi.
Allanmyo Township.-Township of Thayetmyo District, Burma.
Allanmyo Town.-Head-quarters of the Myede subdivision of
Thayetmyo District, Burma, situated in 19 22' N. and 95 I3' E., on
the east bank of the Irrawaddy, almost immediately opposite Thayetmyo,
the District head-quarters, and connected with it by a steam-launch
ferry. Population (I901), 10,207. Allanmyo, so called after Major
Allan, who demarcated the frontier line in 1854, has sprung up to the
south of the old Burmese fort of Myede. It gradually became a trade
centre, and up to the time of the annexation of Upper Burma was an
important frontier station. The affairs of Allanmyo, together with those
of the adjoining urban area of Ywataung, have been administered since
900o by a municipal committee. The income and expenditure of the
municipal fund in 1903-4 were Rs. 28,ooo and Rs. 21,0oo respectively.
The income is derived almost entirely from the municipal bazar. The
chief items of expenditure were Rs. 4,100 spent on conservancy, and
Rs. 5,Ioo on the hospital. Allanmyo is one of the main centres of the
cotton trade of the Province, and has a steam factory for cotton-ginning,
oil-pressing, and the manufacture of cotton-oil soap.
Alleppey (Alapulai).-Chief seaport and third largest town in
Travancore State, Madras, situated in 9 30' N. and 76 20' E., in the
extreme north-west of the Ambalapulai tdhik, a small portion extending
into the adjacent taluk of Shertallai. It is 49 miles north of Quilon,
the terminus of the Tinnevelly-Quilon Railway, and 35 miles south of
Ernakulam, the terminus of the Cochin-Shoranur Railway. Population
(1901), 24,918, including 11,940 Hindus, 7,I50 Musalmans, and 5,827
Christians. A sandy tract, overgrown with jungle till the middle of the
eighteenth century, it was cleared and created a port by Maharaja Rama

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