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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 5, p. 288.

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being octroi (Rs. 45,200); and the expenditure was Rs. 71,900, the
principal items being drainage and water-supply (Rs. 22,400), medical
(Rs. 8,Ioo), conservancy (Rs. 5,800), education (Rs. 6,too), public
safety (Rs. 7,500), and general administration (Rs. 9,400). The income
and expenditure of the cantonment fund during the ten years ending
I902-3 averaged I-3 lakhs. Ambala has three high schools and two
middle schools, besides a civil hospital.
Ambalapulai.-Head-quarters of the It/uk of the same name in
Travancore State, Madras, situated in 9 23' N. and 76 22' E., IO miles
south of Alleppey, with which it is connected by a canal. Population
(1901), 1,79I. The shrine of Krishnaswami is visited by large numbers
of pilgrims. Till the middle of the eighteenth century the place was
the capital of an independent kingdom of the same name, ruled by
the Chempakasseri Rajas, who were Nambidri Brahmans of the
Chempakasseri Illam (house) of Kotarnalfr in the Ettumanur taluk.
As rulers they bore the generic name of Deva Narayanan. As one of
them had assisted the Kayankulam chieftain against the ruler of
Travancore, an army was led against him in I748 by the latter's
minister, Rama Ayyan Dalawa, who took and imprisoned the Raja and
annexed the principality to Travancore.
Ambarh.-South-eastern taluk of Aurangabad District, Hyderabad
State, with an area of 972 square miles. The population in I901,
including jagirs, was rI6,i88, compared with I32,80I in I89I, the
decrease being due to the famines of I897 and I899-900o. It
contains 242 villages, of which 24 are jagir, and Ambarh (population,
3,563) is the head-quarters. The land revenue in I901 was 4-2 lakhs.
The river Godavari passes through the south of the tluk,: which is
composed of regar or black cotton soil. In I905 eight villages were
transferred from Ambarh to Pathri in Parbhani District, and six villages
were transferred from Pathri to this taluk in exchange.
Ambarnath.--Town in Thana District, Bombay. See AlMARNATH.
Ambarpet.-' Crown' taluk in the Atraf-i-balda District, Hyderabad
State, also called the Sharki or 'eastern' taluk, with an area, including
jagirs, of 750 square miles. The population in I90o was 108,325,
compared with 98,858 in I891. The taluk contains I80 villages, of
which 56 are jagir, and Ambarpet (2,648) is the head-quarters. The
land revenue in 1901 was 1-7 lakhs. Ambarpet contains many tanks
near which rice is grown. The paigkh taluk of Upal, with 17 villages,
a population of 6,485, and an area of about 66 square miles, is
situated to the east of Ambarpet.
Ambasamudram Taluk.-Tdluk in Tinnevelly District, Madras,
lying between 8 29' and 8 57' N. and 77 I2' and 77c 40' E., at the
foot of the Western Ghats, with an area of 481 square miles. The
population in I90o was I82,481, compared with 183,616 in I891,

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