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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 5, p. 373.

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Andola.-Southern tiluk of Gulbarga District, Hyderabad State,
with an area of 740 square miles. The population in I901, including
jagirs, was 84,731, compared with 68,279 in 189I. Andola con-
tains 147 villages, of which 30 are jagir, Jevargi (population, 2,194)
being the head-quarters. The land revenue in 1901 was 2-I lakhs.
The paigah tiluk of Firozabad lies to the north, with a population of
35,035, and contains 29 villages and one town, SHAHXABAD (5,IO5), its
head-quarters. The area is about 96 square miles.
Anegundi.-Old town and fortress in Raichur District, Hyderbad
State, situated in 15 21' N. and 760 30' E., on the left bank of the
Tungabhadra. Population (I90I), 2,266. It is the seat of the Rajas
of Anegundi, who are lineal descendants of the kings of Vijayanagar.
Anegundi and Vijayanagar on the opposite bank are popularly identi-
fied with the Kishkhinda of the Ramayana. The Vijayanagar dynasty
ruled from 1336 to 1565, when it was overthrown by an alliance
of the Muhammadan Sultans of the Deccan. Anegundi means
'elephant-pit,' being the place where the elephants of the Vijayanagar
Rajas were kept.
Anekal Taluk.-South-eastern taiuk of Bangalore District, Mysore,
lying between 12 40' and 12 55' N. and 77 32' and 77 49' E., with
an area of 190 square miles. The population in 1901 was 60,071,
compared with 54,834 in 1891. The tiluk contains 3 towns and
202 villages. The former are ANEKAL (population, 5,174), the head-
quarters, SARJAPUR (3,056), and Dommasandra (1,861). The land
revenue demand in 1903-4 was Rs. 1,26,000. The aluk consists of
two valleys draining east into the Ponnaiyar. The west side is hilly
and jungly, and drains to the Arkavati.
Anekal Town.-Head-quarters of the taluk of the same name in
Bangalore District, Mysore, situated in 12 43' N. and 77 42' E.,
22 miles south-east of Bangalore city. Population (1901), 5,174. The
name means 'elephant-stone,' or 'hailstone,' but no legend explains it.
The present fort and tank were made early in the seventeenth century
by a chief of the Sugatur family ousted from Hoskote by the Bijapur
army. A century later Anekal was made tributary to Mysore, and in
I760 annexed to it by Haidar. The Dominicans are said to have built
a chapel here in 1400. It is now an out-station of the London Mission.
The municipality dates from I870. The income and expenditure
during the ten years ending I9go averaged Rs. 3,000. In 1903-4 the
income and expenditure were Rs. 3,100 and Rs. 4,600 respectively.
Anga.-Ancient kingdom in Bengal, which corresponded with
the modern Districts of (north) Monghyr, (north) Bhagalpur, and Purnea
west of the Mahananda river. It was here that the Pal dynasty took
its rise in the ninth century.
' The name may also be a corruption of ane kal, 'dam stone.'

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