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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 6, p. 1.

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Argaon.-Village in the Akot taluk of Akola District, Berar, situ-
ated in 21° 7' N. and 760 59' E. Population (1901), 3,I3I. The
place, the name of which means 'village of wells,' is mentioned in
the Ain-i-Akbarz as the head-quarters of a pargana. On the broad
plain, intersected by watercourses, before Argaon, General Wellesley
gained a great victory (November 29, 1803) over the Nagpur army
under Venkaji, brother of Raghuji Bhonsla. The battle was followed
up by the capture of Gawilgarh. A medal, with a bar commemorative
of Argaon, was struck in x85i and presented to the surviving officers
and soldiers.
Ariankavu.--Village, pass, and shrine in the Shencottah taluk of
Travancore State, Madras, situated in 8° 59' N. and 77° 9' E., in a
circular valley about a mile from the head of the pass, 54 miles from
Trivandrum, 50 from Quilon, and about 50 from Tinnevelly. Popula-
tion (I90I), about i,ooo. The principal line of road from Tinnevelly
via Shencottah into Travancore passes by this village, as also does the
Tinnevelly-Quilon Railway. The extension of the tea- and coffee-
planting industry has increased its importance. It contains a temple of
great antiquity dedicated to Sastha, which is asserted to have been
built by Parasu Rama. It lies in a hollow surrounded by hills. The
whole of the pass, about S8 miles in length, presents a succession
of grand forest scenery.
Ariyalur Subdivision. - Subdivision of Trichinopoly District,
Madras, consisting of the UDAIYIARPALAIYAM and PERAMBIALUR tdluks.
Ariyalur Town.-Chief town of the zaminidiri of the same name
in the Udaiyarpalaiyam tiluk of Trichinopoly District, Madras, situated
in II° 8' N. and 79° 5' E. Population (I901), 7,370. It is the head-
quarters of the Ariyalur subdivision, which is in charge of a Deputy-
Collector and Magistrate, and comprises the alduks of Perambalfr and
Udaiyarpalaiyam. It also contains a District Munsif's court and a
hospital, and a European firm has a screw cotton press here. Satins

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