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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 6, p. 194.

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different composition, is equally fertile, while the Jumna lowlands
are poorer. In 1903-4 the area under cultivation was 190 square
miles, of which only 12 were irrigated, almost entirely from wells.
The great depth of spring-level and the cost of irrigation make this
tract peculiarly liable to distress in dry seasons, and it was the only
tahsli in the District which lost in population between I89 'and
Bahadran.- - TahsZl and head-quarters thereof in Bikaner State,
Rajputana. See BHADRA.
Bahadurgarh.-Former name of ISAGARH ZILA, Gwalior State,
Central India.
Bahadurgarh.-Town in the Sampla lahsil of Rohtak District,
Punjab, situated in 28 41' N. and 760 56' E., 18 miles west of Delhi
on the Rohtak road, and on the Southern Punjab Railway. Population
(I901), 5,974. The name of the town was originally Sharafabad. It
was given in jagir to Bahadur Khan and Taj Muhammad, Baloch
chiefs of Farrukhnagar, in 1754, and its name changed to Bahadur-
garh. The fagir was resumed in I793 by Sindhia, and in I803 the
town and the surrounding villages were bestowed by Lord Lake on
Ismail Khan, brother of the Nawab of Jhajjar. The estate was con-
fiscated in I857, owing to the disloyalty of the chief, Bahadur Jang.
The municipality was created in 1873. The income and expenditure
during the ten years ending 1902-3 averaged Rs. 6,6oo. Both income
and expenditure in 1903-4 amounted to Rs. 6,400, the income being
chiefly from octroi. The town is of no commercial importance. The
municipality maintains a vernacular middle school and a dispensary.
Bahalda.-Village in Mayurbhanj, one of the Orissa Tributary
States in Bengal, situated in 22 23' N. and' 86 5' E. Population
(1901), 1,724. Bahalda is the head-quarters of the Bamanghati sub-
division of the State, and is connected with Baripada, the capital, by
a metalled road.
Bahawalpur State.-Native State under the political control of
the Government of the Punjab, lying in the extreme south-west of the
Province, between 27 42' and 30 25' N. and 69 31' and 74 i' E.,
with an area of 15,9181 square miles. On the north-east it adjoins
Ferozepore District; and on the north-west the Sutlej separates it
from Montgomery and Multan Districts, and, after its junction with
the Chenab, from Muzaffargarh District. The Indus then divides it
from the Punjab District of Dera Ghazi Khan and the Upper Sind
Frontier District in Sind, the latter also adjoining it on the south.
On the south-east it is bordered by the Rajputana States of Jaisalmer
' These figures do not agree with the area given in Table III of the article on the
PUNJAB, and on p. 197 of this article, which is the area returned in 190o, the year
of the latest Census. They represent a more recent survey.

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