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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 6, p. 265.

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Baltistan has recently been placed under the charge of the Wazir
Wazarat of Ladakh. His local deputies are the tahsilddrs of Skardu
and Kargil. Both tahsils have recently been settled
by a British officer, and it is probable that the long-
suffering and patient Baltis may look for better days. The ex-Rajas, or
Gialpos, still exercise some authority over the people, and a definite
sum out of the several collections has now been alienated in favour
of each family. The total land revenue assessed at the recent settle-
ment of the tahsils of Skardu and Kargil was 1-4 lakhs. Of this about
a fourth is taken in kind.
Baluchistan (more correctly Balochistan).-An oblong stretch of
country occupying the extreme western corner of the Indian Empire,
and situated between 24 54'and 320 4' N. and 60 56' and 70 15' E.
It is divided into three main divisions: (i) British Baluchistan, with
an area of 9,476 square miles, consisting of tracts assigned to the
British Government by treaty in 1879: (2) Agency Territories, with an
area of 44,345 square miles, composed of tracts which have, from time
to time, been acquired by lease or otherwise brought under control
and been placed directly under British officers; and (3) the Native
States of Kalat and Las Bela, with an area of 78,034 square miles.
Baluchistan is bounded on the south by the Arabian Sea; on the
north by Afghanistan and the North-West Frontier Province"; on the
west by Persia; and on the east by Sind, the Punjab, and a part of
the Frontier Province. The western boundary from Gwetter Bay to
Kuhak was settled by Colonel Goldsmid in 1871. A line from Kuhak
to Koh-i-Malik-Siah was defined by an Anglo-Persian Boundary Com-
mission in 1896, and the southern portion of it was demarcated by
pillars to the bank of the Talab river. There has been no demarcation
north of that point; but the line thence to Koh-i-Malik-Siah is governed
by the agreement of 1896 and a supplementary agreement concluded
in May, I905. The Baloch-Afghan Boundary Commission delimited
the northern frontier between 1894 and 1896. The boundary dividing
Baluchistan from the Frontier Province on the one hand and the
Punjab on the other has been defined at various times since the estab-
lishment of the Agency. That between Sind and Baluchistan was
settled in 1854 and demarcated in 1862.
The Province covers a total area of 131,855 square miles, including
the Native States of Kalat and Las Bela, and is the largest of the
Agencies administered under the Foreign Department. Its area exceeds
that of the whole of the British Isles. The country, which is almost
wholly mountainous, lies on the great belt of ranges connecting the
Safed Koh with the hill system of Southern Persia. It thus forms
a watershed, the drainage of which enters the Indus on the east and the
Arabian Sea on the south, while on the north and west it makes its

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