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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 6, p. 343.

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Balun.-Cantonment of Dalhousie station in the Pathankot tahsil
of Gurdaspur District, Punjab, lying 2 miles below Dalhousie, which it
serves as a convalescent dep6t. Population (1901), 508.
Balurghat Subdivision.-Southern subdivision of Dinaijpur
District, Eastern Bengal and Assam, lying between 24 55' and
25 32' N. and 88 25' and 89 o' E., with an area of 1,I77 square
miles. The northern part of the subdivision is a flat alluvial plain;
but to the south this merges in the Barind, where the ground is elevated
and covered with brushwood, which is now yielding to the axe and
plough. The subdivision was constituted in November, 1904, out of
part of the old head-quarters subdivision. The population of this tract
in I90o was 386,630, compared with 338,545 in I89I, the density being
328 persons per square mile. In the sparsely populated Barind tract
a rapid increase is now taking place. It contains 2,631 villages, one of
which, BALURGHAT, is the head-quarters, but no towns. There are
interesting historical remains at Devikot.
Balurghat Village.-Head-quarters of the subdivision of the same
name in Dinajpur District, Eastern Bengal and Assam, situated in
25 13' N. and 88 47' E., on the east bank of the Atrai river. Popu-
lation (I901), 2,331. It contains the usual public offices; the sub-jail
has accommodation for twenty prisoners.
Bamanbore.-Petty State in KATHIAWAR, Bombay.
Bamanghati.-Northern subdivision of Mayarbhanj, one of the
Orissa Tributary States in Bengal, with head-quarters at BAHALDA.
It was at one time under British management, supervised by the
Deputy-Commissioner of Singhbhum, but was restored to the direct
control of the Raja of Mayfrbhanj in 1878.
Bamanwas (or Bamniawas).-Head-quarters of the tahsil of the
same name in the Gangapur nizamat of the State of Jaipur, Rajputana,
situated in 26 33' N. and 760 34' E., about 55 miles south-east of
Jaipur city. Population (1901), 5,294. The town contains a lower
primary vernacular school attended by 35 boys, and two elementary
indigenous schools. The tahsil is the only one in the State in which
rice is at all extensively grown.
Bamjur.-Frontier post in Lakhimpur District, Assam. See
Bamniawas.-Tahsil and head-quarters thereof in Jaipur State,
Rljputana. See BANIANWAS.
Bamra.-Feudatory State in Bengal, lying between 2I 9' and
22 12' N. and 84 8' and 85 13' E., and occupying a tract of hilly
country between the valley of the Mahanadi and the Chota Nagpur
plateau. Up to I905 the State was under the political control of the
Central Provinces. The eastern portion of the State consists of a mass
of hill and jungle, but to the west and north there is open and fertile

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