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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 6, p. 401.

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The collections of land revenue alone and of total revenue have
been as follows, in thousands of rupees :-
Land revenue .
Total revenue .
* These figures are for the old District, including the Mianwali and Isa
Khel tahsils.
The District contains the two municipalities of BANNU (Edwardesabad)
and LAKKI. Local affairs elsewhere are managed by the District board.
Its income in 1903-4 amounted to Rs. 36,300, chiefly derived from
cesses, and its expenditure to Rs. 33,400, public works forming the
largest item.
The regular police force consists of 410 of all ranks, of whom 58
are municipal police. The village watchmen number 334. There are
8 police stations, 2 outposts, and 7 road-posts. The border military
police number 421, under a commandant who is an Assistant Commis-
sioner. The force is directly under the orders of the Deputy-Commis-
sioner, and is chiefly employed on the watch and ward of the border.
The District jail at head-quarters can accommodate about 320 prisoners.
Only 4-1 per cent. of the population were able to read and write in
1901, the proportion being 7-3 among males, 0-2 among females. The
Sikhs, with 53-7 per cent., are by far the most advanced community.
Next come the Hindus (21-8), while the Muhammadan cultivators are
still markedly backward (1-5). The District is, however, making
distinct progress in literacy, and even Wazirs are somtimes met with
who appreciate the value of reading and writing. The spread of
female education, due mainly to the missionaries but partly also to
the Arya Samaj, has been steady.
The number of pupils under instruction was 6,501 in 1880-1,5,166
in 1890-1,7,234 in 1900-1, and 3,447 in 1903-4. In the last year
the District possessed 3 secondary and 22 primary (public) schools, and
48 advanced and 127 elementary (private) schools, with 55 girls
in the public schools. The total expenditure on education was
Rs. 25,000, of which Government contributed Rs. 4,700, Local funds
Rs. 5,100, municipal funds Rs. 11,200, and fees Rs. 3,900.
Besides the civil hospital at Bannu, the District possesses one dis-
pensary at Lakki, with 53 beds in al. In 1904 the number of cases
treated was 31,888, including 687 in-patients, and 1,330 operations
were performed. The income was Rs. 7,400, of which Local funds
contributed Rs. 1,500 and municipal funds Rs. 5,900.
These figures are for the old District, including the Mianwali and Isa Khel
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