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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 7, p. 177.

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situated in 13° 25′ N. and 77° 1′ E., 9 miles north-west of Tumkur
town. Population (190i), 1,669. A great weekly fair is held here, on
which all the surrounding country depends, and which is an important
mart for exports. The streets are wide, with uniform shops on either
side. The municipality formed in i870 was converted into a Union
in 1904. The receipts and expenditure during the ten years ending
I901 averaged Rs. 960 and Rs. 700. In 1903-4 they were Rs. I,ooo
and Rs. 2,700 respectively.
Belur.-North-western taluk of Hassan District, Mysore, lying
between 12° 58′ and 13° 19′ N. and 75° 44′ and 76° 7′ E., with an area
of 339 square miles. The population in I901 was 79,192, compared
with 75,470 in I89I. The taluk contains one town, Belur (population,
3,862), the head-quarters; and 410 villages. The land revenue demand
in 1903-4 was Rs. i,8i,ooo. The west is a part of the Malnad, and for
a short distance is bounded by the Hemavati river. The Yagachi flows
through the centre in a south-easterly direction, being joined in the
north by the Berinji-halla. In the forests of the hill country to the west
are coffee plantations, while rice is grown in the valleys. In the
east are rocky hills, either bare or covered with scrub jungle. The
centre is more level, with either gravelly and grassy plains, or stretches
of rice land. Some small channels are drawn from the Yagachi and the
streams falling into it. The soils are poor in the west but improve
eastwards, much of the best description being around Halebid and
Belur. In the south-west the high ground, instead of sloping gradually
to the lower, drops abruptly in perpendicular scarps 50 to ioo feet
high. Good tobacco is grown in the east.
Bemetara.--Northern tahsil of the new Drug District of the Central
Provinces, which was constituted in I906 from portions of Raipur and
Bilaspur. The tahsil lies between 21° 20′ and 22° 0′ N. and 80° 43′ and
82° 2′ E., and contains portions of three former tahsils. A tract of 363
square miles was taken from the west of the Mungeli tahsil of Bilaspur;
614 square miles comprised in six zamlndari estates were transferred
from the old Drug tahsil; and 589 square miles were transferred from
the Simga tahsil of Raipur. The Bemetara tahsil is an irregularly
shaped tract, nearly cut in two by the Khairagarh State. Its area
is I,566 square miles, and the population of the tract now constituting
the tahsil was 240,843 persons in i90o, compared with 290,238 in g891.
The density is I54 persons per square mile, and there are 874 inhabited
villages. The head-quarters are at Bemetara, a village of 1,I97 inhabi-
tants, 47 miles from Drug town by road. It includes the six zamindari
estates of Sahaspur-Lohara, Silheti, Barbaspur, Gandai, Thakurtola, and
Parpori, with a total area of 614 square miles and a population of 48,327
persons. About 308 square miles in the zaminddris are forest, but there
are no Government Reserves. The western portion of the lahsil

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