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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 7, p. 423.

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Administration in t/he Hfyderabad Assigned JDis/ricts (1879) ; T'luk Set-
tlement Reports, enumerated under District articles.
Berasia (Barasia).-Head-quarters of the Nizamat-i-Shimal or
northern district of the Bhopal State, Central India, situated in 23°
38' N. and 77° 27′ E., 24 miles by metalled road from Bhopal city.
Population (1901), 4,276. Under Akbar, Berasia was included in the
sarkdr of Raisen in the Sibah of Malwa. In 17o9 Dost Muhammad
Khan acquired the neighbouring country on lease, and by rapidly ex-
tending his dominions founded the Bhopal State. In the eighteenth
century the tract was seized by Jaswant Rao Ponwar of Dhar, and sub-
sequently fell to Amir Khan, who made it over in jagir to the famous
Pindari leader Karim Khan. After the suppression of the Pindaris in
I8I7 it was restored to Dhar, but was confiscated in 1859, and in the
following year was made over to Bhopal as a reward for services ren-
dered during the Mutiny. In the town stands a mosque built by Dost
Muhammad in I7i6, which contains the tomb of his father, Nur
Muhammad Khan. Besides the usual offices, a school, a dispensary,
and a British and a State post office are maintained here.

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