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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 8, p. 72.

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Bhandria.-Petty State in KATHIAWAR, Bombay.
Bhnder.-Head-quarters of a Pargana in the Bhind district of
Gwalior State, Central India, situated in 2,5 44' N. and 78 45' E.
Population (1901), 5,133. The town is picturesquely placed between
the Pahj river and a lake formed by damming one of its tributaries.
The site is said to be an old one, the ancient city having been swal
lowed up in an earthquake. The remains of a few old temples stand
on a neighbouring hill. In the fifteenth century the town was included
in the State of Orchha, but in the eighteenth century it fell to Sindhia.
After the Mutiny in 1857 it remained a British possession until 1886,
when it was restored to Sindhia in part exchange for Jhnsi. A con-
siderable trade in grain, spun and raw cotton, and country cloth is
carried on. A State post office, a dispensary, schools for boys and
girls, and an inspection bungalow are situated in the town.
Bhdrnpura.-Head-quarters of a naib-sbah in the Rampura-Bhn-
pura district of Indore State, Central India, situated in 24 31' N. and
750 45' E., 1,344 feet above sea-level, below the arm of the Vindhyan
rango which strikes east from Chitor. Population (1901), 4,639. The
foundation is ascribed to one Bhna, a Bhil. In the fifteenth century
it passed to the Chandrawats of Rampura. The town was long held
by Udaipur, passing from that State to Jaipur, and finally, in the
eighteenth century, to Malhr Rao Holkar I. Bhnpura was one of
Jaswant Rao Holkar's favourite places of residence. During the period
of his insanity, he was removed to Garot, as it was supposed that his
madness was caused or augmented by the evil influence of a local
demon, but he was taken back and died at Bhnpura in October, 181 c.
His cenotaph stands near the town, a substantial building of no archi-
tectural merit, surrounded by a castellated wall. In the town are a
palace containing a marble statue of Jaswant Rao, and an unfinished
fort commenced by the same chief, and also the offices of the naib-
sfbah, 4 school, a jail, a dispensary, and an inspection bungalow. In
former days iron smelting was carried on to a considerable extent at
Navli village, io miles north-east of the town. Jaswant Rao took
advantage of this to establish a gun foundry at Bhnpura. Oranges
grown in Jaswant Rao's garden are well-known in Mlwa. A munici-
pality was constituted in 1905.
Bharamurio.-Hill in the Jashpur State, Central Provinces, situated
in 220 55' N. and 83 32' E., and rising to a height of 3,390 feet above
Bharatpur State.-State in the east of Rjputna, lying between
26 43' and 27 5o' N. and 76' 53' and 77" 46' E., with an area of
about 1,982 square miles. It is bounded on the north by the Gurgaon
District of the Punjab ; on the west by Alwar ; on the south-west
by Jaipur; on the south by Jaipur, Karauli, and Dholpur; and on
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