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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 8, p. 266.

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13 in-patients. The total attendance in 1903 numbered 3,675. Vac-
cination has not been introduced.
Bolâ.rum.-Formerly a cantonment of the Hyderabad Contingent,
and now part Of SECUNDERABAD, HyderabddIState.
Bolpur.-Village in the head-quarters subdivision of BirbMinl Dis-
trict, Bengal, situated in 23° 46' N. and 87° 42' E., on the East Indian
Railway, 99 miles from Howrah. Population (1901), 3,I3r. Bolpur
is the most important trading centre in the District.
Bolundra.-Petty State in MAHÎ KANTHA, Bombay.
Bombay Presidency. - Bombay, the 'Western Presidency of
British India, is divided into four revenue Divisions and twenty-five'
Districts. It also includes numerous Native States. The territory thus
composed extends from 13° 53' to 28° 29' IST. and from 66° 40 to
76° 32' E. The British Districts, including Sind, contain a total area
of 122,984 square miles and a total population (according to the Census
of 1901) of 18,515,587 ; the Native States under the Bombay Govern-
ment cover an additional area estimated at 65,761 square miles, with
a population of 6,908,648; total area, 188,745 square miles; total
population, 25,424,235. In the geographical limits of the Presidency
are included the Portuguese Possessions of Goa, Daman, and Diu, with
an aggregate area of 1,470 square miles and a population (19oo) of
531,798; also the State of Baroda, with an area of 8,099 square miles
and a population of 1,952,692, which is under the political control
of the Government of India. The outlying settlement of Aden has
an area of 8o square miles, with a population of 43,974. The
capital of the Presidency, to which it has given its name, is BOMBAY
CITY, situated on an island on the shore of the Arabian Sea in 18°
55' N. and 7s° 54' E.
The Presidency is bounded on the north-west, north, and north-east
by Baluchistan, the British Province of the Punjab, and the Native
States of Rdjputâ.na ; on the east by the Native States of the Central
India Agency, the Central Provinces, Berâ,r, and the Dominions of
the Nizarn of Hyderâbad; on the south by the Presidency of Madras
and the State of Mysore ; and on the west by the Arabian Sea.
Between these limits are contained tracts of country varying greatly
in climate and physical aspects. Of these, the most important are
Sind, Gujarat, the Deccan, the Konkan, and the
Physical Carnatic. The District of North Kanara, at the
aspects. extreme south of the Presidency, in so far as it
can be brought within this scheme of division, lies partly in the
Carnatic and partly in the Konkan.
' This total includes Bombay City and Island, which is treated as a separate
District under a Collector, but does not include the new District formed in 19o6 by
the partition of Khandesh.
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