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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 9, p. 1.

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Bomjur.-Frontier police outpost in Lakhimpur District, Eastern
Bengal and Assam, situated in 28° 7' N. and 95° 43' E., on the left
bank of the Dibâng river. The outpost is about 2o miles north of
Sadiya, and is connected with it by a road cut through dense tree forest,
which has to be cleared for some little distance from the roadway for
fear of ambuscades from the hill tribes. Bomjur is the most advanced
point on the north-east frontier of the Indian Empire, and is situated
among wild and magnificent scenery.
Bomong.-One of the three circles into which the Chittagong Hill
Tracts, Eastern Bengal and Assam, are divided for administrative pur-
poses. It occupies the south of the District, lying between 21° 11' and
22° 3o' N. and 92° 6' and 92° 42' E., with an area of 2,064 square
miles. It is bounded on the north by the Chakmâ circle; on the south
and west by the District boundary; and on the east by forest Reserves.
The country consists of a succession of hill ranges and valleys covered
with forest. The population (1901) is 44,075, having increased by
12•9 per cent. since i8gr. Most of the people are Maghs, or Ara-
kanese. There are 74 villages, of which BANDARBAN is the residence
of the Bomong, an hereditary title attaching to the chief who admin-
isters the circle. The present chief is named Cholaphru Chaudhri.
Bonai.-Tributary State of Orissa, Bengal, lying between 21° 39'
and 22° 8' N. and 84° 3o' and 850 23' E., with an area of 1,296' square
miles. It is bounded on the north by the State of Gangpur and Singh-
bhiim District; on the east by Keonjhar ; and on the south and west
by Bamra. Bonai is shut in on all sides by rugged forest-clad hills,
intersected by a few passes or gorges which connect it with the
surrounding States. The space within is not one extensive valley but
is interspersed here and there with hills. Most of the hills are densely
wooded to the summit, and except at the regular passes are inaccessible to
beasts of burden. The principal peaks are MANKARNACHA (3,639 feet),
' This figure, which differs from the area shown in the Census Report of igoi, was
supplied by the Surveyor-General.
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