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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 10, p. 173.

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manently, besides certain cesses. The cultivators have no permanent
rights in their land, but are allowed to hold it as long as they pay their
rents and cesses regularly and render the customary service (begar) to
the State. There is a small police force of 4 officers and 7 men; but
in addition to the salaried members of this force there are village
chaukiddrs and g-oraits, who are remunerated in kind or hold grants
of land. The State contains a small jail with accommodation for
1o prisoners, in which prisoners sentenced to two years' imprisonment
or less are confined; those incarcerated for longer periods are sent to
a British jail. Education is very backward, only 47 of the whole popu-
lation being able to read and write in r9oi ; one school has, however,
been opened recently. The State contains no dispensary; 730 persons
were successfully vaccinated in 1904-5.
Changla Gali.-Small hill station in the Abbottabad tahsil of Hazara
District, North-West Frontier Province, situated in 34 o' N. and 73
23' E., on the road from Murree to Abbottabad. It is the head-quarters
of the Northern Command School of Musketry.
Channagiri.-Eastern taluk of Shimoga District, Mysore, lying
between 13 48' and 14 2o' N. and 75 44' and 76 4' E., with an area
of 465 square miles. The population in lgoi was 81,453, compared
with 74,218 in 1891. The tdluk contains one town, Channagiri (popu-

lation, 4,775), the head-quarters; and 244 villages. The land revenue
demand in 1903-4 was Rs. 1,45,ooo. The centre is occupied by the
large SULEKERE tank, 40 miles round, which receives all the streams
from the south, and from which the Haridra issues to the north. The
south and west are crossed by lines of hills. The rest of the taluk
is open country, with extensive grazing lands, which provide pasture for
a superior type of cattle. In the north is a fertile tract containing much
garden and sugar-cane cultivation. The western hills are included in
the Shimoga auriferous band.
Channapatna Taluk.-South-western tdluk of Bangalore District,
Mysore, containing the sub-haluk of Closepet, and lying between 12
28' and 12 54' N. and 77 5' and 77 29' E., with an area of 453 square
miles. The population in 1go1 was 114,627, compared with 99,294 in
18gi. The tdluk contains two towns, CHANNAPATNA (population,
10,425), the head-quarters, and CLOSEPET (6,ogg) ; and 267 villages.
The land revenue demand in 1903-4 was Rs. 1,43,ooo. The north and
north-west are crossed by ranges of hills, and contain much waste land,
often covered with scrub jungle. The south and south-west are open,
with populous villages and large tanks. The Arkavati in the east, and
the Kanva in the west, both run from north to south. The former
is fringed with mulberry gardens, watered by lifts from the stream; and
the lower course of the latter runs through coco-nut gardens, the soil
being favourable and water near the surface.
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