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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 11, p. 99.

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converge on it ; it is also served by the Mahanadi, and is connected
by canal with Chandbali and False Point.
Cuttack was constituted a municipality in 1876. The income during
the decade ending igoi-2 averaged Rs.48,ooo, and the expendi-
ture Rs. 42,000. In 1903-4 the income was Rs. 54,000, including
Rs. 19,ooo from a tax on persons (or property tax), Rs. lo,ooo from
a conservancy rate, and Rs. 9,ooo from tolls The incidence of taxa
tion was R. 0-15-2 per head of the population. In the same year the
expenditure was Rs. 52,000, the chief items being RS. 21,000 spent on
conservancy, and Rs. 8,ooo on roads. In the cantonment a wing of
a native infantry regiment is stationed. The receipts and expenditure
of the cantonment fund during the decade ending igoo-i averaged
Rs.4,8oo and Rs.4,7oo respectively. In 1903-4 the income was
Rs. 11,5oo, and the expenditure Rs.7,250. Cuttack is the head-
quarters of a Superintending Engineer and three Executive Engineers.
In addition to the usual public offices, the chief public works are the
stone embankments by which the city is protected from inundation,
the Mahanadi railway bridge, and the Mahanadi irrigation anicut. The
District jail has accommodation for 409 prisoners, who are employed
on oil-pressing, the preparation of coir fibre, carpet-making, and
weaving. Cuttack contains several important educational institutions,
the most notable being the Ravenshaw College. This is divided into
a general department teaching from the F.A. to the M.A. standard,
and a law department preparing students for the B.L. examination;
it also possesses a high school teaching up to the matriculation
standard. There are also medical, survey, and training schools
maintained by Government, the Protestant European school and
St. Joseph's Convent (Roman Catholic) for the education of Europeans
and Eurasians, both of which receive grants-in-aid, and three other
high schools. . The Cuttack General Hospital has beds for 6o male
and 22 female patients.
Cutwa.-Subdivision and town in Burdwan District, Bengal. See
Dabha.-Petty State in MAHI KAVTHA, Bombay.
Dabhoi.-Town in the Baroda print, Baroda State, situated in
22° 8′ N. and 73° 28′ E., about 18 miles distant from the capital.
Population (igoi), 14,034. Dabhoi, the Sanskrit Darbhavati of the
eleventh century, is one of the most interesting towns in the Gaikwar's
dominions, not only from its past history, but also for the beauty of its
walls and gates. It was fortified early in the thirteenth century by the
Vaghelas ; and the town is really a. fortress, the walls forming an
irregular figure approximating to a square, the north, east, south, and
west sides being 1,025, 900, 1,ioo, and 1,025 yards long, with a round
tower at each angle. The height is rather less than 5o feet. These
1i 2
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