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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 12, p. 51.

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regular inhabitants numbered 911 in 19or, besides a large floating
False Point.-Cape, harbour, and lighthouse in the K9ndrapara
subdivision of Cuttack District, Bengal, situated in 20° 20′ N. and 86° 47′ E., on the north of the Mahanadi estuary. It takes its name
from the circumstance that it was often mistaken by ships for Point
Palmyras one degree farther north. Ships have to anchor in a com-
paratively exposed roadway, and loading and unloading can only be
carried on in moderately fair weather. A considerable export of i`ice,
however, still takes place to Mauritius and Ceylon chiefly in sailing
ships, valued in 1903-4 at r9-65 lakhs, while the export to the Madras
Presidency amounted to over a lakh. The lighthouse stands in
20° 19′ 50′ N. and 86° 47′ 30′ E.
Falta.-Village in the Diamond Harbour subdivision of the District
of the Twenty-four Parganas, Bengal, situated in 22° 17′ N. and 88° 7′ E.,
on the left bank of the Hooghly river, nearly opposite to. its junction
with the Damodar. Falta is the site of an old Dutch factory,. and it was
to this place that the English retreated after the capture of Calcutta by
Siraj-ud-daula in 1756. A fort is situated here, which mounts heavy
guns. The steamers plying between Calcutta and Tamluk in the
Midnapore District call at Falta.
Farasdanga.-A French settlement or loge on the outskirts of
BALASORE TowN, Bengal. The settlement was established towards the
close of the seventeenth century, but, much of the land . comprised
within it has been washed away; and its total area is now only 38 acres.
This plot of land is under the authority of the Administrator of
Chandernagore, and is leased out annually by public auction.
Faridabad.-Town in, the Ballabgarh tahsil of Delhi District, Pun-
jab, situated in 28° 25′ N. and 77° 20′ E., 16 miles from Delhi, near
the Delhi-Muttra road and on the "Delhi-Agra branch of the Great
Indian Peninsula Railway. Population.(zgo1), 5,3xo. The town was
founded in 1607 by Shaikh Farid, Jahangir's treasurer, to protect the
high road from Delhi to Agra. It is of no commercial importance.
The municipality was created in 1867. The income during the _ten
years' ending 1902-3 averaged Rs. 5,goo, and the expenditure Rs. 5;800.
In 1903-4 the income was Rs. 6,8oo, chiefly derived from octroi; and
the expenditure was Rs. 6,4oo. The chief educational institutions are -
the Victoria Anglo-vernacular middle school (unaided); a vernacular
middle school maintained by the municipality; and the English station
school (middle). There is a Government dispensary.
Faridkot State.-Native State in the Punjab, under the political
`control of the Commissioner of the Juilundur Division, lying between
30° 13′ and 30° 50′ N. and 74° 31′ and 75° 5′ E., in the south of Feroze-
pore District, with an area of -642 square miles.- Population .(rgor),
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