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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 12, p. 52.

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124,912. It: contains two towns,' FARIDKOT (population, 10,405), the
capital, and KOT KAPURA (9,519) ; and 167 villages. The,country :is
a dead level, sandy in the west, but more fertile to the east, where the
Sirhind Canal irrigates a large area.
The ruling family belongs to the Sidhu-Barar clan of the Jats, and are
descended from the same stock as the Phulkian houses. Their occupa-
tion of Faridkot and Kot Kapura dates from the time of Akbar, though
quarrels with the surrounding Sikh States and internal dissensions have
greatly reduced the patrimony. Throughout the Sikh Wars Raja Pahar
Singh loyally assisted the British, and was rewarded by a grant of
half the territory confiscated in 1846 from the Raja of Nabha, while
his ancestral possession of Kot Kapura, which had been wrested from
Faridkot in i 808, was restored to him. During the Mutiny, his son
Wazir Singh, who succeeded in 1849, rendered active assistance to
the British and was suitably. rewarded. The present Raja; Brij Indar
Singh,' is a minor, and the administration is carried on by a council
under the , presidency of an Extra-Assistant Commissioner, whose
services have been lent to the State for the purpose. The council is,
during the minority- of the Raja, the final court of appeal, but sentences
of. death require confirmation by the Commissioner. The Raja is
entitled to a salute of i i guns. The State receives, at a reduced duty
of Rs:' z8o per chest, an allotment of 18 chests of Malwfi; opium
ahnually, each chest containing 1.25 cwt. The duty so, paid is refunded,
with the object of securing the co-operation of the State officials in the
suppression of smuggling. The Imperial Service troops consist of one
company of Sappers; and the local troops number 41 cavalry, 127;
infantry, and 2o artillerymen, with 6 serviceable guns. The State
maintains a high school at Faridkot town and a charitable dispensary.
The total revenue amounted' in 1905-6, to. 3.6 lakhs.
Faridkot Town. -Capital of the Faridkot State,. Punjab, lying in:
30° 40′ N. and 74° 49′ E., zo miles south of Ferozepore, on the
Ferozepore-Bhatinda branch of the North-Western 'Railway. Popu-
lation (igoi), 10,405. The fort was built about 700 years ago by R4ja
Mokulsi, a Manj Rajput, in the time of Bawa Farfd, who gave it his
name. The town contains .the residence of the Raja of Faridkot and
the public offices of the State. It has a considerable trade in grain,
acid possesses, a high school and a charitable dispensary.
Faridnagar.-Town in the Ghaziabad tahsil of Meerut District,
United Provinces, situated in 28° 46′ N. and 77° 41′ E., 16 miles south
west of Meerut city. Population (1902),_ 5,620. - It was founded by
Farid-ud-din Khan in the reign of Akbar. It is administered under
Act XX of 1856, with an income of about Rs. i,6oo, and contains
a primary school.
Faridpur' District.--District in the Dacca Division of Eastern
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