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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 12, p. 100.

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141 square miles, of which 6o were irrigated. Wells supply over 9o
per cent. of the irrigated area, and the Upper Ganges Canal serves
about 5 square miles.
Firozabad Town.--Head-quarters of the tahsil of the same name
in Agra District, United Provinces, situated in 27° 9′ N. and 78° 23′ E.,
on the road from Agra city to Mainpuri, and on the East Indian
Railway. Population (igoi), 16,849. The town is ancient, but is said
to have been destroyed and rebuilt in the sixteenth century by
a eunuch, named Malik Firoz, under the orders of Akbar, because
Todar Mal was insulted by the inhabitants. It contains an old
mosque and some temples, besides a dispensary, and branches of the
American Methodist Mission and the Church Missionary Society.
A municipality was constituted in 1869. During the ten years ending
igoi the income and expenditure averaged about Rs. 14,000. In
1903-4 the income was Rs. 16,ooo, chiefly from octroi (Rs. 12,000) ;
and' the expenditure was Rs. 2o,ooo. The trade of the place is mainly
local, but there is a cotton-ginning factory employing about too hands.
The municipality maintains a school and aids four others with 19o
pupils, besides the tahsili school with about 8o pupils.
Firozpur.-District, tahsil, and town in the Punjab. See FEROZE-
Firozpur Tahsil.-Tahsil of Gurgaon District, Punjab, lying
between 27° 39′ and 28° 1′ N. and 76° 53′ and 77° 20′ E., with an area
Of 317 square miles. It is bounded on the north-east by the Nah and
Palwal tahsils, on the south-east by the Muttra District of the United
Provinces and the State of Bharatpur, and on the west by the State
of Alwar. The population in igoi was 132,287, compared with
113,874 in. 1891. It contains the town of FIROZPUR-JHIRKA (popula-
tion, 7,278), the head-quarters, and 230 villages. The land, revenue
and cesses in 1903-4 amounted to z7 lakhs, The parganas of
Firozpur and Punahana, which make up the present tahsil, were.
assigned for good service to Ahmad Bakhsh Khan, but were forfeited
by his son for complicity in the murder of Mr. William Fraser in 1836..
Of the two ranges of bare and rocky hills which extend northwards into
the tahsil, one forms the western bound4ry and the other runs north-

east for 25 miles and then sinks into the plain. The soil in the low-.
lying parts of the tahsil, which are liable tp be flooded after heavy
rains, is a sandy loam.
F1rozpur-Jhirka.-Head-quarters of the Firozpur tahsil in. Gurgaon
District, Punjab, situated in 27° 47′ N. and 76° 58′ E., 50 miles, due
south of Gurgaon town. Population (1901), 7;278. Formerly a
trade centre for cotton, it has been ruined by the absence of railway
communications. It has an out-still for the distillation o spirit. It
is said to have been founded by Firoz Shah III, as a military post
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