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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 13, p. 74.

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Hauli.-River of Bengal. See MATABHANGA.
Haungtharaw.-Township of Amherst District, Lower Burma.
Haveli.-Head-quarters tdluka of Poona District, Bombay, including
the petty subdivision (petha) of Mulshi, and lying between 18° 16′ and 18° 44′ N. and 73° 19′ and 74° 12′ E., with an area of 823 square
miles. It contains 2 towns, POONA CITY (population, 153,320), the
District and tdluka head-quarters, and KIRKEE (10,797) ; and 235
villages. The population in 1901 was 326,955, compared with 337,182
In 1891. The density, .397 persons per square mile, is more than
double the District average. The demand for land revenue in 1903-4
was 22 lakhs and for cesses Rs. 20,000. The southern boundary
is a spur of the Western Ghats, of which the hill fort of Singarh is
the most conspicuous feature. The flat-topped hills and terraces have
usually a shallow surface of black soil strewn with stones. Owing
to the proximity of the Poona market Haveli is more energetically
and carefully tilled than other parts of the District. The tdluka is
well watered. The climate is usually dry and healthy. The annual
rainfall averages 32 inches.
Haveri.-Head-quarters of the Karajgi tdluka, Dharwar District,
Bombay, situated in 14° 47′ N. and 75° 28′ E., on the Southern
Mahratta Railway. Population (1901), 7,974. Haveri has a consider-
able trade in cotton and other commodities, especially in cardamoms,
brought from Kanara to be washed in a small lime-impregnated
well. It has four temples and a monastery. Hveri was con-
stituted a municipality in 1879 and had an average income of
Rs. 4,6oo during the decade ending 190T. In 1903-4 the income
was Rs. 5,100. The town contains a Subordinate judge's court,
a dispensary, a municipal middle school, and four other schools,
of which one is for girls.
Hazara District. - Northernmost District of the North - West
Frontier Province, and the only portion of that Province east of the
Indus. It lies between 33° 44′ and 35° 10′ N. and 72° 33′ and 74° 6′ E., with an area Of 2,858, or, including Tanwal, 3,062 square
miles. The District consists of a long tongue of British territory
running north and south for 120 miles. The southern base is 56
miles in width, and the centre 40, while the Kgan valley, in the north
east, is only about 15 miles broad. On the north the Kgn range
separates the District from Childs, a dependency of Kashmir; and
on the east the range which borders the left bank of the Kunhr
river and the Jhelum separates it from Kashmir, Punch, and the
Punjab , District of Rawalpindi ; north-west lie the Black Mountain
and the lofty ranges which overhang the eastern bank of the Indus;
and on the south is Attock District of the Punjab. Thus the District
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