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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 14, p. 100.

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Vaccination is compulsory only in municipal areas. During 1903-4
the number of persons successfully vacemated "1 54,011, representing
29.9 per r o of the population.
[Sir W. Wo Hunter, Stabs!'ralAeeount ofBengal vols. i and ii (x875);
Sir J. Weatland, Rpo>rowjrsa..(Calcutta, 1874),7 -
Jessore Subdivision.-Headquarters subdivision of Jessore Dis-
triet, Bengal, lying between 22° 47′ and 23° 28′ N. and 88° 59′ and
89° 26′ E., with an area of 889 square miles. - The subdivision is an
alluvial lacy containing some large manhea and traversed' by streams
which have now, silted up except in the lower reaches. The population
n 1901 was 561,142, compared with 594,835 in x891, the density being
631 persons per square mile. It contains one town, Jzssomt (popula-

tion, 8,054), the headquarters ; and 1,488 villages. The principal marts
are at BASANr1A, Jessore towns Jxtn - and KtsABPUR.
Jessore Town.-Head-quarters of Je sore District, Bengal, situated
in 23° 10′ N. and 89° 13′ E., on the Bhmmb river, and on the Eastern.
Bengal State Railway, 74 miles from Calcutta and 35' miles from'
Khulna. Population (1901), 8,154. The n s applied to the
village of Kasha when it w made the heed-quarters of the District:
The villages of Pmana, Kasbs, Bagchhar, Sankarpm, and Chanchra he
within the municipal limits. The last contains the residence of the
Rajas of Clrsnchm or Jessre (see JcssoRE Dust-), and the remains.
of a rampart and fosse by which it was once surrounded are still visible..
Jes constituted a m icipality in 1864. The income during
the decade ending t9ot-x averaged Rs. t9,ooo, and the expenditure
Ry. 18,ooo, In t9o3-4 the income was Its. x.,001, of which Rs. tl,0oo:
as derived from a tax on houses and lands, and Rs. 5,001 from a con-.
ancy rate; the expenditure was Rs.xr,olo. The town possesses
the usual public offices, including criminal, re and civil courts,
the District jail, a church, a dispensary with r6 beds, a public hbmry,
and a high school. The jail has accommodation for 37, prisoners;
the industries carried on are brick-making, -hi and khaa pounding,
and bamboo work, and the manufacture of eoir mats and jute
string. There are three printing presses, and a weekly newspaper and -
two monthly magazines with a large circulation are published. Part of
the tow. is provided with a filtered water-supply, and it is proposed to
extend this by the construction of large water-works.
Jetpur (Devli).--Smtc in the Kathiawar Political Agency, Bombay,
lying between 22° 36′ and 22° 49′ N, and 70° 35′ and 70° 5′ E.,
with an area of 1,4 square miles. The population in X901 a 11,568,
residing in x r village, The revenue in -9-3-4 -a R.
and the cultivated area 48 qua, miles. The State ranks as a fourth-.
class State in Kathvawar, but the present chief has the ,,it of a third
class chief. Jetpu, is now held by twenty t6lukdasr, descended from a
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