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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 14, p. 124.

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north of these remains that ZBIIm Singh, the famous minister of Kotah,
founded the present town in r796, including within its limits the
temple of Sat Saheli (or ' en damsels') and a Jain temple which
formerly belonged to theoldcity, To encourage inhabitants, Zalim
Singh is said to bave placed a large stone tablet in the centre of the
chief bare,, on which was engraved a promise that new settlers would
be excused the payment of customs dues, and would be fined oo more
than. Rs. n-4-o for whatever crime convicted. These privileges art
culled i r85o, when the Kamdar (minister), of Mahbraj Rams
Prithwl Singly had the tablet removed, and thrown into a tank, whence
it was dug out about -876.
According to Tod, the town was placed under municipal government
at its foundation in r 7g6, but the fact is not mentioned on the stone
tablet above referred to. The present m idpsl committee w
formed about -876, sad attends to the lighting erid sanitation of the
place, besides disposing of petty cases relating to ea menu. The
income and expenditure are respectively about Rs. -,mm and Rs. 2,,oo
yearly, the difference being provided by the State. The town is well
and compactly built, and is unded on all sides say, the west by
substantial masonry wall with circular bastions. The streets a
wide and regular, intersecting each other at right angles, and contain
many large and handsome buildings. On the west. is a lake formed by
solid masonry dam, about two-thirds of a mile long, on which stand
sundry temples and buildings, and the lands in the neighbourhood
and the well-shaded gardens within and around the town walls me
irrigated by mean, of a canal nbout z miles long.
1 [J. Tod, Rgarthan, vol. ii; J. Fergusson, Hctaresgae Ilfustratiam
ofAnaent 4,,h9ecm,, fn H,.durtdn and HrWry of Imdfan and Eas.
tom Arclutectare; and the Archaeologkal Survey of Narlhom IMia,
vols. and ,iii.]
Jhalu.--Town in the District and tahrtl of Bijno,, United Provinces,
situated In 29° 20′ N. and 78° 14′ E., 6 miles southeast of Bijncr
town. Population (igot), 6,444. Under Akbar it was the head-
quarters of a mnhal or pargan It is administered under Act XX of
1856, with an me of about Rs. r,ooo. It contains a primary
school with 113 pupils, and three aided schools with 6, boys and
35 girls.
Jhampodad.--Petty State in KATSIAwAe, Bombay.
Jhang District.-District in the Multi, Division of the Punjab;
lying between 30° 35′ and 32° 4′ N. and 71° 37′ and 73° 31′ E., with
area of 6,652 square miles. It is bounded on the north-west by
the District of Shahpur; on the north-east by Shahpur and Gujrxn.
wala; on the south-east by Montgomery; on the south by hfuhan
and Murxifargmh; and on the west by Mianw'dl. It consists of an
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