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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 14, p. 176.

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the State on education was Its. 9,3- m x891-3 and R,. 11,410 in
The State contains 3 hospitals and 6 dispensaries, with ac -
modation for 64 in-patients. In 1903-4 the number of cases treated
s. .9,x19, of whom 166 w ia-patients, and 867 operations w
performed. The ezpenditurerwa, Rs. x7,815. The medical deport
ment is charge' of the State Medical officer.
Vaccination, which is compulsory thmug1hout the State, is carried
out by a snuff of four vaccinatorsnder an inspector. In 1903-4
the number of scenimio , performed Its 4,75s, representing 169
Per x,111 of the population.
Revenue survey maps m em prepared for each fahrtl at the first
settlement. They we vied during the second and third setds-
ments, and during the fourth settlement a fresh survey of Jind and
Sangrnr made and a maps I'm prepared. For the Jind fulfil,
ompanathe 4-inch scale w s made. The first figom
n etrical -s
vey w made between 1847 Old 1849, and maps w re published
on the 1 inch and a-inch scales. A 4-ineb map of the Cis-Sutlej
States was published in 1863, and a revised edition of it in x897. The
inch maps prepared in 1847-9 were revised in x886-9a.
[H. A. Rose, Piulhidrm States Gaaelteer (in the press); I.. H. Griffin,
The R ~6s of the Pursjob (second edition, x873).]
Jind Nizamat.-Southeaster m -mat or administrative district
of Jmd State, Punjab, lying between 28° 24′ and 29° 28′ N. and
75° 55′ and 76° 48′ E., with an area of r,o8o square miles. It com.
prises the two mhlz& of JIND and Moat. The population in x9oi
M,3a1 compared with -5,139 in 1891. The niabrnat contains
five to,,,,, JIND, the head-gnarters, SsFIDOS, Most, Kar.u-A, and
Bmund; and 344 villages. The land revenue and cOsses in z9,3-4
amounted to 4-7 lakhs.
Jind Tabsil.-Northem tahrzl of the Jmd State and siadMal, Pun-
jab, tying between 29° 2′ and 29° 28′ N. and 76° 15′ and 76° 48′ E.,
with an area of 489 square miles. It forms a compact triangle, almost
entirely surrounded by the British Districts of Kamal, Delhi, Rohtak,
and Hlmar, while 'on the north it is bounded by the Narwana tahIrl
of Patiala. It lies entirely in the natural tract known as the Bangor,
and includes a part of the Nmdak or Koauasesran, the sacred land
of the Hindus. The population in 1901 w Ja4,954, compared
with 113,898 in r89r. The tahril contains two towns, Jfan (popu
lation, S,147), the head quarters, and SAFIDON (4,831) i and 163
villages. The land revenue and tosses in 1903-4 amounted to s3
Jind Town.-Had-quarters of the Jmd s+'sdmat and tahffl, Jlnd
State, Punjab, situated in 29° 20′ N. and 76° 19′ E., on the Southern
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